Friday, 3 February 2012

The End is Nigh... But Not Really

Apparently I live in the tamest place in the world because natural disasters really don't happen in England - we just get the occasional natural inconvenience. Now don't get me wrong because I obviously prefer my house standing rather than it being a crumpled mass on the ground, but it is a little boring. 

Phanee mentioned that England only gets an earthquake every decade or so, but I beg to differ. At least once a year I am asked if I felt 'it' last night. Usually I respond with 'no' and have to ask what 'it' is. They are earthquakes usually and they seem to creep up only in the middle of the night and don't move so much as a feather, but they do happen. And ever few years they even get reported on the news. 

We don't get tornado's like Tornado Alley does, either, but we do have our own mediocre version of a plastic bag blowing in a circle in the wind. It may not be impressive, but it's the closest we get to a natural disaster. 

What we do get a lot of here is flooding. I can use my geography knowledge now, because I took that last year, and say that it happens as a result of urbanisation as the surface run off water at times of high precipitation has nowhere to go but on land because we've plastered everywhere up with concrete so that the earth can't absorb any moisture. I am actually I surprised that I managed to retain that information. So yes, we get floods. Not me, the largest body of water near me is a canal and I've never heard of one of those flooding, but England does flood a lot in places with stupid names like Cockermouth. 

I have to say that despite how much I complain about the wind and rain we get, particularly in Manchester, things aren't really as bad as it could be if I lived elsewhere. My geography teacher told me that geographically speaking, the UK is one of the most stable and safe countries to live in because of wind patterns and whatnot. I wasn't really listening so I don't remember properly, but yes. 

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  1. Impressive! Floods do not sound pleasant. We have an area in Heraklion that floods once every coupld of years, but that's because it's right next to a stream...
    Also, English earthquakes are not earthquakes! They're shakes! :P


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