The PAKt

1. I shall submit the theme for my assigned week by the previous Saturday.

2. Likewise, my post shall address the topic assigned each week, at least in brief.

3. I shall not discuss books more than once a month.

4. I shall read all comments on all posts (not just my own) on the blog, and comment where applicable.

5. I shall not stay up past 3 am to communicate with fellow PAKt members (This means you, Phanee!).

6. I shall not discuss my post before it has published.

7. I shall not type posts while on sugar high (*cough*KATE*cough*).

8. I shall put my PAKt friends before all others.

9. If within visiting distance I shall do all in my power to visit fellow PAKt members in person.

10. Most importantly, I shall post on my assigned day, without fail.

We, the undersigned, understand and agree to abide by the above rules, agreed upon January 1, 2012. Should any of us fail in any way, we understand that our dignity may be forfeit, pending trial by the other members. Should the group fail, as a whole, we leave our punishment up to our readers.

We do so solemnly swear:


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