Monday, 2 April 2012

All the world's a stage!

Just as a warning - this entire post could probably go under "Things you never knew about me."


This week's topic, as assigned by Phanee, is "Theater." My theater career started at the tender age of 4, with the role of "fairy assistant" in the opera "Merry Wives of Windsor." What I remember of that is being excited that my dress matched the leading lady's dress. (I've seen pictures since. It didn't.)


For the next ten or twelve years I spent every summer either in the summer musical hosted by the local university or attending rehearsals for it if there weren't any roles for kids. Usually I was just in the chorus, but I didn't care. I was having fun! I even got a dancing role one year, in The King and I. If you've ever seen it, during the scene where the young wife (Tam...something, I forget) is putting on a show for the King, it's basically her narrating with dancers acting it out. The way we did it, we had 3 or 4 dancers being the change of settings and seasons - I was one of those dancers. I got to learn how to twirl pretty batons with ribbons and play with snowflakes on sticks. The only annoying part was that I was only on for like ten minutes in the show. *sigh* My favorite  summer musical I was in though, was probably Camelot. It was the first one that I was old enough to count as an adult in the cast and I had the prettiest dress for it! I wanted to keep it!


Once I got into Junior High or so (around 12) I started participating in the local youth productions. There, I got plenty of leading roles. I was a narrator in Charlotte's Web, a really big part, because of the whole paragraphs I had to memorize at once. I later got a major solo in one of the musicals, and.... something else, I forget.


After that, just about as I hit high school, I decided that while I enjoyed theater I wasn't that great at it, so I pretty much gave it up for my music. I played in the pit orchestra for 3 or 4 of the drama club productions, and a couple other local productions as well (I even got paid once!) Of course, I will always love attending theater productions, and I do hope someday to be able to join some amateur productions again.


So how's that for "Things you didn't know?"

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  1. Wow, Anne, you surprise me! You did so much acting as a kid :O

    I love the King and I :D


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