Friday, 6 April 2012

Break a Leg!

(I couldn't think of a title for this post)

I have never really been one to act, largely because I have stage fright. As a child I did the obligatory Christmas productions in primary school where I was always either an angel or a swan - the costumes being much the same every year. I never had to do anything, just stand there, so I was fine. Then my only other acting experience was in the year six production (I don't know how things work, but in the UK most primary schools have their pupils do a production of some kind in their final year). Here I played the Greek goddess Hera, and I managed quite well as I was actually relatively confident at that point. 

As soon as I started high school though, I never acted again because that stage fright I mentioned earlier started to develop around the same time. While I did not perform myself, I have always enjoyed watching plays and going to the theater. 

In the UK pretty much every theater in the country has a pantomime at Christmas (these are usually twists on classic fairy tales and always have three staple characters: Buttons (a kind hearted idiot), X's mum (X is the main character and their mum is usually played by a burly man) and a main character who is played by the opposite sex). For as long as I can remember I have seen at least one panto a year, even now when I am eighteen years old and most people my age have given up, I always find someway to see one. 

My favorite play has to be The King and I, which I have seen maybe five times in different theaters. I just love it. It was the first 'proper' play I went to see. Other than that my experience hasn't been too extensive, only seeing The Twits, Wicked and something else, but I forgot what it was called. It was good though. 

I love going to the theater and I wish that I went more. 

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