Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Music makes the world go round...!

Music makes the world go round,
the world go round,
the world go round...

So, this week's theme is music, kindly brought to us by Anne. It is a rather broad subject, which means I will probably have difficulty finding stuff to say.

Anyways... Let's start somewhere.

Just like Anne mentioned in her post on Monday, there are people who don't necessarily notice the background music when they are watching films. I am one of those people. I very rarely notice the music playing in the backround. It might register at the time, but I can never remember anything about it afterwards. But that doesn't mean that I don't appreciate it. For me, a good movie sountrack is either very, very unique sounding or blends in with the film. There have been cases (not many, though) where I have been watching a film and the music they decided to accompany a particular scene with just distracted you too much from the scene itself, which I don't think is the point.

That being said, I do listen to many different kinds of music. I can listen to really bad Greek pop to classical music (Anne, you really must explain why it's a misnomer), all depending on the mood I am in at the time. Sometimes I need something to lift my spirits, so I listen to something silly! Other times, I feel like listening to a calmer song and I do just that. There are a few types of music that I really can't stand, though, such as heavy and death metal, but that's mainly because the singers shriek and scream. For me, that's not music. That's just noise. (I'm not saying this to offend anyone. It's just not something I enjoy.)

As for actually being able to play music, I've always been a little bit sad about the fact that I can't. I've always wanted to learn how to play the piano, but I never actually had any lessons. To be fair, though, we did have a small electric piano thing at home and I did learn how to play a few things on it by myself.... So, I guess it's not that bad! I do want to learn how to play the piano one day... Just for myself.

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  1. "Classical" is a misnomer, because it actually refers to a specific time period of concert music, I wanna say from like 1790ish-18??ish (I think, I was BAD at my Music History class) Some of the most well known composers of the period are Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven in his earlier years. Bach, therefore, is NOT a classical composer, nor is Wagner, and yet most people would refer to them as such in comparison to, say, modern popular music. There really isn't a correct term for ALL THE MUSIC (which makes writing research papers a very special form of hell), but "Classical" referring to the entire genre is, technically, incorrect.

    Also, sorry for the tweet earlier. I totally got up and thought it was thursday and was sad you hadn't posted yet. I don't know why though, because I knew everything else that was supposed to be happening today...


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