Friday, 27 January 2012

American's are Different

So, I have this theory that American's are 'different'. In interviews, films and TV shows, they all seem to be able to recall memories from early childhood so easily. Like Phanee, I hardly remember anything - though I don't think I'm quite as bad.

My memory is just really bad. I can't remember much of what happened last week unless I think really hard, but I have smatterings of strong memories - usually aided by a photo or some significant event, or else I will remember pointless things like when I watched Friends whilst eating toast in my bedroom. I am brilliant with faces though, if I have seen you once I will recognise you years later as long as your face hasn't changed too dramatically. 

Now, because I can't pinpoint one happy memory (because I am not American and therefore have a truly rubbish memory), I will just let you know some random memories. 

Phanee's sleep dust reminded me of two events when my dad tried to swap my teeth for money (once they had fallen out already, of course). One of the times I was sleeping at his house and woke up as I flew through the air because he accidently tossed me out of bed, and the other time we were in Greece and I woke up to find the equivalent of £5 under my pillow the next morning because he struggled with the exchange rate

Also, when we were in Greece - probably the same time -, my cousin and I pretended to be statues and would stand on the hotel's hallway balconies and would jump out at passing strangers. The nice part is that everybody acted scared as though they actually believed we were statues who then sprung to life. 

An unpleasant memory I have is of going to Florida just after The Grinch came out and when I saw old Grinchy at Universal Studios, I scaled up my mum's back whilst she tried to film the parade because I was so scared. Even now when I settle down to watch The Grinch my heart races a beat too fast for the first few minutes because he scared me so much when I was little. 

And to end on a happy note... well now I genuinely can't think of anything. Most of my memories are from the last four or five years and I hope these memories don't just disappear into the abyss because I really quite enjoy them. 

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  1. OK, so I wasn't gonna comment on this (I really wasn't!) but that apostrophe is DRIVING ME UP A WALL, so I have to. The apostrophe makes it possessive.

    And since I'm commenting - it might not be an American thing, it might just be a "me" thing. I seem to have a lot of memory compared to other people...


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