Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Back to the Future!

OK, before anyone says anything, I am invoking the "date addendum" (not in the PAKt yet, but easily added, I'm sure) that while your post must go up on the assigned day, it only has to be the assigned day FOR THE ONE POSTING - it's currently just before 8 on Monday, so I'm the only one still on Monday, but it does count! Please?

In fairness, I have a pretty good reason. My task, according to the channel 4 website, was to watch a classic that you've always told everyone you had seen but never really had. Well, my first problem with this is I don't tend to lie much. Like hardly at all. So, instead I chose to just go for a classic that nobody ever believes I haven't seen, even though I tell them so. Second problem, of course was that I'm not all that interested in seeing most of the films that people say I should - haven't seen Titanic, The Notebook, When Harry Met Sally etc. etc. etc. and I don't really care to. Don't worry, nothing you say will change my mind.

Now my third problem, which is the real reason this post is late, is I had to figure out where to get the film I chose. I finally decided to watch Back to the Future and the easiest way to get it, I thought, would be iTunes. So I rented it, and set it to download... and groaned at the EIGHT FREAKIN' HOURS it was going to take to download. Anyway, I left it to download overnight, but with one thing and another I only just finished the movie.

So, my overall thoughts? Well it was a shame that I hadn't seen it yet, since it seems to be the root of most time travel stories. On the other hand, it felt a little like watching Footloose - it was a great movie when it came out, but my modern film-going mind kept pointing out the flaws. I would LOVE to see a modern adaptation of it, and I will probably watch the rest of them. I certainly enjoyed it well enough.

I guess I just don't see how this is a life changing thing. I suppose my life was enriched for seeing it. But, I don't know, it just felt a little like a letdown. Maybe if I saw it with other people? That seems to help the film watching experience for most movies. Anyway! Enough of my rambling! Check back in for Phanee's post on Wednesday!

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  1. I have one thing to say to you Anne... glass half empty! :P

    I would insist that you watch The Notebook but I think you'd only complain and ruin it for me, lol.

    You know how they say that things get better with age? Back to the Future is the exception to that rule - sort of -, the films just get progressively worse :P


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