Friday, 20 January 2012

I Speak Good

So, Anne and Phanee both has issues with their tasks... oops. They both got done though, so that's good.

Anyway, my task was called 'Words, words, words' and entailed finding three words I had not previously understood or heard before and slip them into conversation. With this, I googled 'word generator' and used this website to find my words and to discover their meanings. The words I decided to use were:
  • Urbane (sophisticated or elegant)
  • Abrogate (to abolish)
  • Athwart (from side to side)
I used the first two words, quite smoothly, the first when speaking to one of my friends about an event they're going to this weekend and the second when in philosophy talking about medical ethics. I was really pleased with myself - although I did have to bring up my friends plans this weekend purely so that I could use the word 'Urbane'. 

The last word was a bit more tricky, I had planned on bringing crabs into conversation and saying that they moved 'athwart' or 'athwartly' but didn't know which was the correct way to say it. At any rate, I didn't end up using it at all, instead I used the word Wantage (something that is lacking, desired or needed) which I had seen in my morning search but didn't think I would be able to use. I did though, also in my philosophy class. 

I am used to using 'big' words. I slip them into conversation all the time, but usually I know exactly what they mean and how to use them, so this task was a little bit tricky. I'm not complaining though, it sounds like Anne and Phanee had it worse. 


  1. I agree, you had it easy! =P still it was a fun assignment.

  2. This one sounds rather fun! Quite different, too! Regardless of our complaints, I do believe we got some pretty interesting tasks to do! :)


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