Friday, 13 January 2012

In Support of Resolutions

Unlike my fellow PAKters (is that what we're going by?), I am a huge advocate of New Years resolutions. I have always been a huge fan of tradition, especially pointless ones like a resolution in the new year. 

We have probably all used the age old 'Lose weight!' resolution, but how many of us have ever actually stuck to this goal we set ourselves? Maybe a handful of us, and we all know any weight loss was a complete and utter accident, not the result of a new diet plan and exercise regime. Don't lie. There is just something I find so lovely about the fact that everybody says they're going to implement some new behavior into their lives then hardly anybody does it. I don't know why I like it exactly, but I do. 

That said, I do not like to fail at things, yet always expect to, so in recent years I've set myself more 'original' goals. This year for example, my resolution is to get into university - and if that fails then I will just have to recycle it for next year. You see, this is something I was going to try and do anyway, so I'm not just going to break it out of laze. Good, yes?

Also, I watch this girl on YouTube, MissXRojas who is taking part in Channel 4's New Years Revolution. Every morning during January, a new task will be posted on the website to do that day, like a mini resolution to make your life a bit more fulfilled and your day a bit more fun. So far they have had 'read a book gathering dust on your shelf', 'watch a sunrise/sunset' and 'say "yes" for a day'. Just fun little things and, girls, because it is my week to pick the theme, I suggest that we each have to do the task posted the day before our post is due (So, Anne, you do Sunday's) and blog about it the next day.


  1. Hey now! I for one HAVE stuck to the lose weight "resolution" if you want to call it that, and it was NOT a fluke! I call it my refusal to call it a resolution that made me stick to it, but it did happen! So there!

  2. Yes but it doesn't count if you're not calling it a resolution :P


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