Monday, 9 January 2012

Happy Belated New Year from Monday!

We made it through the first week! This feels like an epic accomplishment, even though I know it isn't really.

Now that we've got the introductions out of the way, let's get down to business. This week's topic was provided by the lovely Phanee, AKA Miss Wednesday, and she wanted us to talk about New Year's Resolutions. I'm kind of funny about Resolutions - the word itself actually. We all talk about how we have these "New Year's Resolutions" (with big scary air quotes), but honestly, we're the only ones who ever believe we'll keep them up - everyone else just listens politely and tells us they're sure we'll do it this year, while privately being quite sure we won't. Failure has become incorporated into our definition of "resolution" and I don't like that.

That said, New Year's is a great time to reassess our goals for our lives, and I have done that almost in excess! I was even tempted to make a video just so I could show you, but I suck at making videos so I decided to spare you the agony. You're welcome =P

This year's goals go into 5 different categories: Reading, Writing, Graduate School, Research, and Personal. Each category has several different smaller goals. I've put together a 3-ring binder with lists of these goals plus places to keep track of how well I do. Unfortunately, this is probably overkill. I was feeling particularly organizational one day and came up with the whole system, and, knowing me, I likely won't make it through the spring. So, continuing my fit of organization is probably another good goal for me to have.

And of course, a major goal for me is to continue to keep in touch with my friends far away, including people like Kate and Phanee! And that, you can definitely help me with - please, yell at me and punish me if I fail to post! Then I will have kept at least one of my New Year's Goals, and I shall be a happy camper :)

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  1. You were so unbelievably organised the day you put together that binder, but you never know, you might still stick with it, so don't worry :)


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