Monday, 2 January 2012

Hello, I'm Monday!

First 5 are from Miss Friday, aka Kate:

1. Age, Sex, Location (ASL for all the old chat room frequenters out there)?
I am 22, Female, and I live in Ohio, USA (aka that big bit in the middle with lots of... grain? For all those of you not up on your US geography)

2. Where in the world would you most like to live?
Honestly? What I really need is a house with legs (or possibly thousands of balloons like in that movie Up) because I love to travel. Barring that, my top three are: Anywhere in the UK, Venice, and the Smoky Mountains - North Carolina area probably.

3. What is your New Years resolution?
This is a hard one. I never used to do New Year's resolutions, but then I did last year, and I actually kept it! So this year, I've kind of gone overboard on the resolutions for little things like what I should read, write, etc. But I guess the big one is get into a good graduate school.

4. When you're not blogging, what are you doing?
So many things! I work as a chocolatier, so I am often making chocolate, but I also like to read, watch movies, craft and cook. Oh, and I do research for fun. Yes, I am that crazy.

5. What are your favorite sounds, smells and feelings?
Again, difficult. I enjoy listening to movie soundtracks and lots of other types of music. Smells? I think I'll go with petrichor (Thank you Doctor Who for teaching me a word for it!). That perfect spring day just after it rained overnight with a slight breeze that smells like "FRESH." Also good food cooking. I'm particular to my mom's Mexican meat and Green Bean Casserole. Feelings? Oh you really felt like a pain today, didn't you Kate?! I'll have to go back to that perfect spring day, whatever you call that feeling. Peace is the closest I can get.

And the 5 for everyone:
1. Tea/Coffee/Chocolate: Tea
2. Indoors or Outdoors: Depends on my mood - mostly indoors looking at outdoors
3. Cats or Dogs: Cats, but dogs can be cute too, long as I don't have to take care of them!
4. Team Zombie or Team Unicorn: If forced to choose, Unicorn, but if not, I am fiercely TEAM DRAGON!
5. Hot or Cold: Cold - can always put on more layers!

Tune in on Wednesday for Phanee's answers to my questions!


  1. I can only see the word dragon here, and i think i found my new BFF! O_O

  2. =) Thank you! I myself am amazed that Dragons are not more included in these types of things. It really must be because they are more awesome than the rest of them so there would be no contest. =P

  3. No, no, dragons are not included because they ruin all the soft furnishings :P


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