Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Let's Get Playful - Just Not When You're Supposed To

So, Katie with her hairbrained ideas.

Well, actually no. Her idea was quite a good one. I just wasn't very happy about the task that I had to do for the day.

And again, to be perfectly honest, it doesn't seem like too difficult a task.

But there was a big problem. My Mum works all day and my brother is in the middle of an exam period, so no free time for either of them to spend with yours truly. I was also rather busy yesterday (the day I was supposed to do the task) and left it at the last possible minute today. Anyways... So, I decided to try the internet. Which was a lot more helpful. Thank you, internet!

I contemplated trying to play some kind of solitaire/patience, but I thought that would be cheating, since I know how to play a few different solitaire/patience games and they seemed to be pretty similar. So I thought, why not try one of the suggestions from the website: cribbage.

I found a place online and braced myself for a complete and utter failure. And it came. Again and again and again. I started thinking that maybe I'm just stupid, that it's not meant for me to learn how to play cribbage... (Poor sad me...)

But Anne - our lovely Monday - came to the rescue! She explained a few things about how scoring works, which cards you should aim to keep in your hand, which cards to "throw away" in the crib, what to do when you're a dealer and what not to do when you're not. And the result was this:


So, success! Not too shabby, if I may say so! It took a few (probably closer to 10) games, but I got there eventually! Now I think I can play cribbage in the real world. Anyone wanna play???

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  1. If ever we're in the same country again - which I'm sure will happen -, we can have a play of cribbage :D


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