Friday, 6 January 2012

Friday, Friday... Gotta Get Down on Friday

I am glad that I got this day because I freakin' love that song. Thank you Rebecca Black. 

Erm... yes, okay. Hi!! I'm Katie, PAKt's resident Friday girl. Today I am answering questions asked by Phanee who lives on Wednesdays, so lets get on with this shall we?

1. Other than English, which languages can you speak (even at a basic communication level)? Which ones would you like to learn someday?

I am actually really terrible with languages, despite constantly trying to learn new ones. I did French for three years in high school and retained almost none of what I was taught, my Grandma who is Spanish has tried to impart some of her language on me but other than knowing how to say ‘hello’, ‘thank you’ and count to ten really quickly, nothing stuck – although I am very proud of my ability to roll my ‘R’s. When I went to Italy two summers ago I decided that I wanted to learn Italian and move there but after taking some online classes I got bored and forgot about it and, most impressively, I taught myself Chinese when I was fourteen. I was doing really well, but then a Chinese girl came to my school and when we became friends I decided to stop because I was embarrassed. So, what does all of the above mean? I only speak English.

2. Name three songs that are just stuck in your head right now!

Okay, now don’t judge me, but one of the songs I cannot get out of my head right now is ‘Mistletoe and Wine’ by Cliff Richard. Yes, I know, it’s terrible, but I was watching a Christmas chart show and it has not left my head since. For those of you who are aware of Alex Day, I have had ‘Forever Yours’ in my head since the 17th December and have a tendency to randomly break into song with its chorus. And as I am answering this as my house is getting ready for a New Years party, I have been hearing ‘Sexy and I Know It’ by LMFAO for the past two hours, so that is very much stuck in my head right now.

3. Name your favourite film! Or maybe 2, or 3, if you really can’t decide!

Films! I LOVE films. It’s a good job you didn’t limit me to one because I do have three favourites: Life in a Day (a documentary about human life, all footage filmed on 24th July, 2010 around the world), Pay it Forward (a film about a boy who comes up with a brilliant way to change the world – I will say no more, just watch it) and, being a girl, I love The Notebook and if you do not know what that is about then shame on you.  

4. How do you feel about all those British people who come over to Malia on holiday, drink far too much and end up dancing naked in the streets?

I have a feeling that I have spoken to Phanee about this before because otherwise this is a very random question. I am eighteen years old and English, meaning that I ought to be one of the summer Malia goers, but oh my God no. Just no. You could not pay me to go to Malia or any of those other European areas the British have decided to ruin. I like a drink as much as the next person but I despise most of the (serious) drinking culture. Each to their own I suppose, but please stop embarrassing our country by ruining these beautiful places.

5. Name one thing you absolutely hate about Facebook.

Recently, I have gotten back into Facebook after a long break  and for the first time, I actually use Facebook chat now that MSN has died a miserable death. This is where my big Facebook problem lies… chat. I am a fan of lurking in the darkness. I loved ‘appear offline’ on MSN and while you can do that on Facebook, it doesn’t allow you to see who is online, nor can you block individuals. I do not like this and it often leads to me missing out on conversations with people I do want to speak with and ending up stuck talking to people I have no interest in. 

The standard questions...

Tea/Coffee/Hot Chocolate - Hot Chocolate! Hands Down! Coffee if I have to have one of the boring ones but even then it is basically all milk and sugar. Also, fun fact, I am English and have never even tried tea.

Indoors or Outdoors - Has to be outdoors. I have a friend who I've known since I was nine and all we ever do is go for walks. I have aspirations of climbing mountains and trekking though jungles, so outdoors it is.

Cats or Dogs - I love dogs, I have had a dog, I have worked with dogs and I look after dogs, but I'm going to have to pick cats. I have had two cats and they're just so much easier to look after.

Team Zombie or Team Unicorn - Team Unicorn. They're so pretty and sparkly and their blood helps Voldy live forever.

Hot or Cold - Hot! Why would you pick cold? Anybody who says that they can put on a jumper clearly doesn't want to be cold either. Stupids. Hotter is better.


  1. I don't think we've talked about Malia before, but I came up with the idea after watching The Inbetweeners Movie (which I knew wasn't actually filmed in Malia, but it was still kind-of weird with them saying they were in Malia and the place looking nothing like Malia, which I have been through hundreds of times).

    Also, you are the stupid one! Cold is nice! You have clearly NOT lived in a country where the mean temperature for the whole of the 3 summer months is 35 degrees C. It's not fun.

  2. True, I have never lived in a hot country, but I would like to. I always react nicely to heat when I go on holiday whereas everybody I'm with moans and groans the whole time. Shall we swap?


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